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When Alexandra asked me to design another pattern, I had a rush of emotions! Pride, that after four patterns she thought I still had it. Excitement, because it was one of my favorite bases of hers. Wonder, can I do it. Bewilderment, as I looked at stitches and tried to put it together. Confidence, as it started blossoming in my head. Hope, that I could put it on my needles and on paper. Fear, that nobody would like it.

My first pattern was a ponchette or poncho. It was so well received that after two shawls and a wrap, I decided to go back and try a capelet or short cape.

This pattern uses mosaic color work and mini skeins. Mosaic (slipstitch) is fun since only one color of yarn is used per row. One size larger needle is recommended to avoid puckering. I hope you have as much fun knitting it as I did designing it.

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